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Welcome to Codeot, we are small team of passionate developers working hard to establish your goals.
16th December 2018

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Our Staff have spend decades to mature Codeot/Codeot’s Services we take our client’s task as our own and put our all effort to make it worth it for you to rely on us.

Codeot's testimonials

Adam Cirlincione

CEO Cooking Japanese.

Codeot is a life saver!  My server was getting hacked and we had no clue what the problem was.  My hist wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to clean it up. Codeot’s services were very good with price and their skills are excellent.  They found the problem and fixed it quickly.  They also continued to support me even when the developer failed to follow Codeot’s instructions and were hacked again.  I would recommend Codeot for server security.

elena risso

Elena Risso

Takway Limited, CEO Erdesign

Codeot’s service is excellent, I am very satisfied that I received the best advice. They takes the stress out of financial planning and assurance shopping by providing independent, honest, competitive quotes in a clear manner.

leo bomber

Leo Bomber

DBA, CEO 3vent

Codeot is professional, friendly, efficient, pay attention to detail and is always there to assist me. I have full confidence in Codeot and have recommended them on numerous occasions to clients and business partners.