IVR – Your Friend for marketing

Codeot Developers have massive experience in IVR Development in any shape and size you want.. Web/Desktop/Android/IOS IVR Custom Development Is on going for various of our proud clients, dive in and have a look what an awesome power IVR have. One of Product for IVR is WP Ultimate IVR.

  • Automated Messaging
  • Automated responders
  • Automated schedulers
  • Automated caller
  • Flexible IVR Tree
  • Unlimited IVR Flow
  • Fax Integration

API/Gateways we used to build IVR are

  • Twilio
  • Tropo
  • Nexmo
  • Custom SIP
  • Custom Dedicated GSM Plan

And Many More


One way to find out you are living in future

Our globe is evolving into digital and faster place, what’s the point doing stuff your own when the system can manage to do it more way then single person, Go ahead you can count on Smart IVR to take care of your leads and costumers

Yup, You got 3 months of support for your IVR Changes and fixes for free

Refund is possible under terms and condition.