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Welcome to Codeot, we are small team of passionate developers working hard to establish your goals.
16th December 2018

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WP Ultimate IVR

WP Ultimate IVR

We understand just what it is required to get your subscriber right, make sure you check IVR this out.

SEO Marketing

Your one place for all ranking solutions, Marketing can be sometime trickier and only experts can get you out of that problem, feel free to get a quote from us for your business.


Codeot provides Security facilities for web based applications, servers, and scripts or plugins for your site to handle dangerous attacks.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the most used CMS for almost every need nowadays, Codeot provides wide range development in both WordPress theme and plugin.

Android Development

Speaking of ease, Android has is becoming human friend providing large variety of services to help us out every day of our life. Codeot android expert staff is devoted to provide any kind of help to our customers.

Personal assistance

Our dedicated staff is eager to help our customer our 24/7, feel free to request a quote for our services and offers. We will make sure you get the best of our staff for your plan.